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The Biography

I was a computer nerd when I was young. I used to download random programs on my computer and see what they do to it. I downloaded IDE software and I didn't know what to do with it so I never touched it again. Until I saw a book about it in the store and bought it. And that's how I started programming at a young age.

I started playing Minecraft when I was 11 years old. I and my friends at the school wanted to play together so I tried to look for a way to host a server because I have never done it before. We played on it and enjoyed building our worlds.

I didn't understand anything about the servers at that time but I saw a folder called "plugins" and I was curious as to what it does. I was able to add different plugins and customize the server experience but I got no one to play it except myself.

I started to add more customization to the server by adding more plugins. But, by doing that I added more complexity which leads to more bugs and glitches in the server.

My uncle recommended I learn Java and I found out that I can write my custom plugins using it to reduce the complexity and simplify some of the tasks for me.

After learning Java I started to learn other languages and technologies such as backend, web, mobile, cloud, etc...
I realized a different perspective on how they work and I was fascinated by the engineering challenges that they tackled. I created my first 3D game using Unity called "H-KingBlocks" and deployed it on my school computers. My classmates liked it and enjoyed playing it. They even found a glitch that could be caused by the graphics settings. It's funny every time I think about it.

I applied to work on my first Minecraft server. The server had a strong ambition toward its goals but it lacked the management to keep it running. We were able to build an ecosystem for our plugins to use flexibly. Everything was going alright but sadly the team was distracted and couldn't keep up working on the server.

I got invited to work with the Blocks team. They have the biggest cracked Minecraft server. My job is to make a prison game on the server. The problem was I didn't know anything about the game itself. I researched the game and how it works. I talked with staff who used to play it before to study more about the game. I engaged with the community to study what do they want and understand their look towards the game.
The project was moving forward but sadly it reached the point that I couldn't be able to add anything to it. And the project got shut down and closed.

I learned a lot in the last few years and I found programming to be my real passion. I graduated from high school and I'm ready for the next phase of my life and discover other adventures.

Thanks to the programming book, my family, my best friend, my uncle, my internet friends, the Heroz team, the blocks team, I discovered my true passion and you supported me in every step I made to turn it into reality. I hope one day I make or contribute to something that will improve and impact your life to be better :)

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